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Audi came from a very good friend in Florida (formerly Chinchillin' - they are no longer breeding) as a kit. She had a ton of attitude when we got her and that has never changed.

As a baby she wanted things her way and now. She did better than expected when temporarily paired with Geri while younger, but has since become very territorial towards other females and even claimed one of Praline's toes through the cage. She tolerates males quite well and is a wonderful mother to her kits. She has had a total of three litters and four kits.

November of 2003 took us to the MCBA Southeastern Chinchilla Show where Audi took me by surprise. I took her with me, originally simply to get an opinion on her strengths or weaknesses and suggestions on what to breed her to. At the urging of a couple friends, I wound up entering her. Much to my delight, she took a first place ribbon! She was placed as a 1B, meaning she's a first place animal but the one in her class was slightly better and got to move on. Audi had shorter fur and wasn't in prime, according to the judge. I didn't expect her to place at all and was utterly in shock for about five minutes! It was quite the boost to know I had a quality animal.

Audi remains to this day a royal brat. If given a treat she's not interested in that day, she'll promptly spray it; this has taught me to offer treats at an angle! She'll also spray if I pet her in the wrong spot - between the ears is the only acceptable area. Can anyone say spoiled?

Audi is now paired with Aston, her permanent mate. He is also a 1st place winner (1B in his class at Nationals) and they have had some gorgeous babies together. Their first litter was born 8/10/03 and we were blessed with two beautiful white/ebony kits.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Audi.