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Health Guarantee on Kits

There are many ifs ands or buts that can come up when breeding any animal. Most of all, I stand behind my kits and my breeding. I only breed healthy animals and as such, do not expect genetic problems in offspring. Below you'll find my health guarantee. It may seem strict and detailed, but if you have a problem down the line, please come to me. We can try to work something out.


Malocclusion – I give at least a 2 year guarantee for malocclusion, provided the chinchilla always has access to fresh hay and quality pellets, as well as items to wear down their teeth (wooden toys, etc). I feel diet plays an integral part in keeping their teeth healthy and most of the ‘pet store’ diets don’t offer the correct balance of vitamins due to lack of freshness. I buy my food in 25 lb bags and would be happy to help you find a local feed store or you can get it from me in smaller quantities. There are several ‘acceptable’ quality diets; the most available one is usually Mazuri, manufactured by Purina. If your chinchilla were to malocclude in this time frame, I would offer you an equal quality chinchilla for free when it was available. I wouldn’t expect you to give up a pet you were already attached to.

Fur Chewing – Fur chewing is a hard thing to guarantee, but I do guarantee against it for 6 months. Stress can be a large factor and it isn’t always genetic, so it’s very hard to put a true ‘guarantee’ on it. I will assure you that there are no chewers anywhere in my breeding lines and I try to socialize my chinchillas very well from birth to minimize their stress levels during a move or change. If a chin were to fur chew within the 6 month time frame and was kept in the proper environment with mimimal stress, I would offer either a replacement chinchilla for half the sale price or half of your money back on the purchase price of your chin.

Other General Health – I guarantee against general health defects (upper respiratory, diarrhea, etc.) for 14 days and I recommend a vet checkup within that time frame to ensure your pet is healthy. If the chinchilla is found to be ill, I will refund your money upon return of the chinchilla and we could work something else out if need be. Please note, I will not cover the cost of the veterinary visit itself (a general checkup should be done for any new pet) or treatments not relevant to the illness.

Other Genetic Defects – I give a 12 month guarantee for anything else deemed genetic and again, must have veterinary proof of such. A replacement chinchilla would be offered at no cost.