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Chinnitude Kits

Chinnitude has a very small herd so new kits being born is always a time for celebration!

Praline graced us with her very first litter on March 21st, 2005. She had a single tan and white (possible TOV) which I had to help deliver. We dubbed him Nougat while he was here and the name suited him well - very sweet, but sometimes a little sticky. He's definitely not a 'morning chin.' Greeting him before evening results in a rather loud protest session!




August 10th brought a highly anticipated, albeit earlier than expected, litter from Audi and Aston. We were blessed with two beautiful white/ebony babies, a male and a female, at 54 and 52 grams. The male is full of spunk like his mama and the female is sweet as can be.



December 12, 2003 brought a big surprise. I heard squeaks from the chin room and went to investigate thinking someone was hurt ... low and behold a completely dry baby girl was under Audi nursing away! Audi had gained a whole 40 grams since weaning her previous litter and had been separated from a male all but a day or two in August. She'd gone to the November show in SC and shown absolutely no signs of pregnancy. Her name is Mercedes and I got entirely too attached to her. Audi developed some sort of deficiency while nursing (not calcium, we tested) and Mercedes had a rough start. She stayed a little thin but is slowly growing up. She's in a wonderful home with Amanda now and spoiled rotten.




Audi's second litter was a set of twins, born July 13th, 2003. She had a boy and a girl, which we named Kir and Carrera. Carrera was darker and remains darker to this day. Kir wound up with a grey-tipped belly, indicating his ebony.





Audi's first litter was born February 17th, 2003 and it was a single female kit we named Lexus. Lexie was a little character and full of attitude. Somehow she also managed to get her daddy's sweetness thrown in there, so we weren't complaining.