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Supply List for a New Chinchilla

Food - I feed Mazuri, you will need to have whatever food your breeder feeds. Avoid pet store foods and foods with artificial preservatives or treats added. (If you plan to switch your chin to another diet, you must do so slowly over a period of several weeks.)

Hay – If you feed an alfalfa based diet, feed Timothy hay. If a timothy based diet, feed alfalfa hay.

Water Bottle – I prefer glass as it's easy to sterilize and chew proof, even for my most determined chewers.

Food bowl – Ceramic (any bowl that cannot be easily knocked over) or a gravity feeder will work. If using a gravity or j-feeder, make sure it hangs outside the cage and has a lid to prevent chins getting stuck and babies getting out.

Treats – Chinchillas LOVE shredded wheat, raisins, dried bananas, apples and craisins. All treats must be given in moderation (one daily) and I prefer to stick to low sugar, high fiber treats such as oats, wheat germ and alfalfa rings.

Sleeping Box – I recommend that everyone get one of these for their chinchillas, they need somewhere to hide and sleep. I have a wooden box that is on the top level of the cage, I also have a large PVC pipe in the bottom of the cage that they love to hide in. You can make your own or purchase one.

Wheel – This is not 'necessary' but is wonderful for your chins. See our exercise page for more detailed information.

Bedding – Kiln Dried Pine, Aspen or a recycled paper product such as CareFresh.

Water - I use filtered water, others use boiled, bottled, or tap. I prefer filtered as the filters I use catch 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidia, helping to prevent parasitic infections and eliminate unnecessary chemicals.

Toys – hanging chew toys, pumice stones, wooden blocks, etc. Chins get bored easily and multiple toys help alleviate boredom and encourage chewing.

Dust Bath – You'll need a container and the actual dust. Pet stores sell different types but I've not been impressed. I prefer to use dust called Blue Cloud or Blue Sparkle, available through local breeders or ordered online.